Mission & Vision of the Department of Science, Technology & Environment

The Department of Science, Technology & Environment is established in the year 1985 to provide science & technology inputs for development of socio economic scenario and quality of life of the people, especially the marginalized section of the society. Amelioration of the Environment also needs to be addressed by the Department together assimilation of the knowledge of biotechnology and renewable energy into the developmental process of the state.

Mission is to transform the Department by way of achieving high standard of performance and to be recognized as an Institution which is devoted towards promotion of science & technology in everyday life of the people and amelioration of the environment and safeguarding the natural resources of the state.

The Vision of the Department therefore is to strive for implementation of all the policies relating to conservation of its natural and biodiversity resources, abatement of pollution of all forms and betterment of the ecosystem through application of science and technology in consonance with the principles of sustainable development for enhancement of general well-being of the people.

DSTE aims to build up best management systems .

Last Updated on 12th January, 2016